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About Us

Last Light Studio Books is an independent, author-friendly cooperative micropress. We favor a comprehensive workshop/studio approach in working with our authors. A significant chunk of our studio is virtual.

We know we can’t do the same things as a large press, so instead of trying to be what we are not, we seek to accentuate the natural strengths that come with being small, adaptable and oh so lovable. Mostly, however, we are determined to bring literary works of art — brilliant fiction framed in compelling stories — to readers who love books.

Please note that  are not currently accepting any new submissions.  

If you are one of the majority of writers out there who is frustrated at the lack of options and access when it comes to submitting your work, please read this.

Publisher :

Armand Inezian (Boston)

Editorial Staff:

Adam Fisher (LA)
Sara D’Emic (Boston)

Advisory Board:

Ryan Ballinger, MFA (LA)
Gordon Hurd, MFA (NY)

Our ISBN Codes:


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