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Critical Recognition



A Small Press Distribution #1 Best Seller, 2013.

A gripping, timely novel about the news business, labor politics, protest, and murder. It has the grace to be empathetic with all sides of a hard fight where no one has clean hands, and ultimately presents a tale of redemption and hope arising from even the most impossible circumstances. – Cory Doctorow, author of Little Brother and Homeland.




Topping my summer reading list is Vacation.-Petaluma Post

Miller delivers a complex romance—with funny, revealing dialogue and a strong sense of the sincere but precarious bonds formed among strangers forced together by a shared itinerary. – Kirkus Review

 Vacation is a tale of love and loss and real friendship, artfully told. Jeanne Miller is keenly observant not of the sensational but of the quotidian, the fleeting thoughts and sensations that overtake us when we think we’re strolling in a meadow or preparing a meal; the subtle inflections of the heart as it speaks to us. You will know her characters intimately and you can’t help but feel with them. – Daniel Coshnear, author of Occupy & Other Love Stories, winner of the 2000 Willa Cather Fiction Prize

 Vacation puts you in William Koval’s shoes as he navigates a life transition. Jeanne Miller’s crisp writing puts you in this man’s life, you feel his trepidation, yearn for him to transcend his obstacles, and share his shock as the universe does him one huge backhanded favor. – Ransom Stephens, author of The God Patent and The Sensory Deception


The Edge of Maybe

The Edge of Maybe is an “unconventional family drama and sexy satire” with “stunningly poetic passages” and “distinctive, searching, self-absorbed characters.” — Regan McMahon – San Francisco Chronicle- Sunday Books

While The Edge of Maybe may be a page-turner—I read the book in two sittings—Lutz conjures both place and character on multiple levels so that the reader isn’t reading for plot but to learn the outcome of the family’s wellbeing. Will they survive? What choices will they ultimately make, and at what cost and to whom? – Jodi Paloni –

“Ericka Lutz, in this debut novel, captures the nexus of one of the most diverse places in the U.S. with viscerally mesmerizing characters and a realistic optimism for the future.” — Evan Karp – Litseen


Eden Lake

“The fictional Camp Eden Lake will remind readers of their own experiences (of camping) but that is one of the many strengths of Jane Roper’s Eden Lake. Her absorbing debut novel takes camp culture an imaginative step further…” – Patricia Contino,

Eden Lake is an unusually accomplished debut novel about love and loss and the absurdities of summer camp. Jane Roper writes with quiet authority and sly humor about a large and intriguing cast of characters.” – Tom Perrotta, bestselling author of Election, Joe College and Little Children.

“As a kid I lasted one week at summer camp, but at Eden Lake I overcame my phobia. This is due to the quirky, warm, funny, quixotic crew you’ll meet in these pages, and the compassionate yet sharply observed story of a family assembling and reassembling itself after a father’s death. I’ll be revisiting Eden Lake many times.” – Jenna Blum, bestselling author of Those Who Save Us and The Stormchasers.

Quiet Americans

Sophie Brody Medal of Honor Title for 2012.

A Jewish Journal 2011 Notable Book.

A Shelf Unbound 2011 “Top Book”.

“Erika Dreifus’s remarkable Quiet Americans traces the shock waves of the Holocaust reverberating outward through generations of American Jews. These intelligent and multi-layered stories are packed with surprises that challenge us to reconsider what we know—or think we know—about good and evil, memory and forgiveness, survival and identity….A first-rate debut.”  –Margot Singer, author of The Pale of Settlement

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