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Catching Up With Our Current Authors 4: William Maxwell

January 7, 2013


William Maxwell is the author of our up-and-coming dark fantasy thriller, Shadow Path.

LLS. What writing project are you currently working on?

WM:  “Taste for the Dark” is a pulp detective novel set in a present-day occult Los Angeles. In a world where magic has replaced technology and gods and spirits run rampant, Peregrine Dunn is the one you want on your side if you want to find out why a crime occurred. When a Templar Knight hires Dunn to look into a simple Possession & Entering, Dunn understands it’s more than just a simple job. From pacts with ancient spirits to gods created by committee, it’ll be a miracle if Dunn can keep his skin intact on this case, let alone keep his soul.

LLS: What book are you currently reading?

WM: “Mongolian Cloud Houses” by Dan Frank Kuehn. Because my wife insists that I need to build myself a Hemingway Hut.

LLS: What is your favorite bookstore or library?

WM: I love going to the Los Angeles Public Library (any of them really) with the kids. It’s magic for them and a treasure for me. I can request any book in the immense system and have it sent to me or I can just root around in a strange branch and see what I pick up.

LLS: What are you busy with when you’re not writing?

WM: A few things!

a) I’ve been hired as the Operations Coordinator at the TAMIT program, which means I’m helping the local tribe run a high school after-school program for American Indian youth striving to get into college.

b) I’m working on founding a Makerspace in the San Fernando Valley, basically a place where people can get together and make all sorts of cool and interesting gadgets for fun and business.

c) I’m chipping away at an open-source educational project that invites teachers and students to create a game-space, where they can use role-playing (both live and simulationist) to study what they’re supposed to learn in school.  It’s RPGing for fun, but in a way that everyone feels comfortable coming in and playing.

LLS: Bonus question: What’s the best snack to have while reading?

WM: Seaweed. Liking gnawing on tiny whispers of the ocean. 🙂

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