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Catching Up With Our Current Authors 3: Ron MacLean

November 14, 2012

Ron MacLean is the author or our up-and-coming literary thriller, Headlong.

LLS: What writing project are you currently working on?

RM: I’m working on a new group of short stories (eventually a collection) which explore reactions to danger, loss, and fear – in both intensely personal settings, and as these things affect entire communities. Two examples: a small western Canadian town with a troubled history tries to come to terms with an unsolved mystery as a series of human feet wash ashore one autumn; a story that takes place in a butcher shop, told entirely from the perspective of a blind (talking) rabbit as he tries to escape the blade of the butcher’s cleaver.

LLS. What book are you currently reading?

RM: Mink River, a novel by Brian Doyle

LLS: What is your favorite bookstore or library?

RM: So many local bookstores I love, so I gotta shout out for two: my home away from home, Tres Gatos in JP (wine and tapas, too); and Porter Square Books, such a good friend to writers

LLS: What are you busy with when you’re not writing?

RM: Creating the perfect fish taco, plus, oh yeah, teaching and the day job

LLS: Bonus question!: What’s the best snack to have while reading?

RM: Hmm. I tend not to snack while reading. I’ll have to investigate. (Best snack for writing = pistachio nuts)

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