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Catching Up With Our Current Authors: William Vinson

October 10, 2012

William “Santa” Vinson is the author of Vinson’s Christmas and Other Oddities

LLS. What writing project are you currently working on?
WV: Launching a Christmas-themed comedic work of non-fiction. This one. And writing spec scrips for random folks (goddamn Los Angeles).
LLS:  What book are you currently reading?
WV: None! I’m a filthy philistine! I’ve been catching up on the last few years of Vertigo comics and graphic novel thingies (Fables is great, who knew? Everyone but me, that’s who). I also chronically re-read Poe, but does that really count?
LLS: What is your favorite bookstore or library?
WV: Ha, good one! I’ve been addicted to Amazon and eBay since 1997, so I’m part of the problem. I guess I like Soap Plant / Wacko.
LLS: What are you busy with when you’re not writing?
WV: Working on random projects, and fixing networks and computers and people’s attitudes. Lately I’ve been trying to convince myself that the clicking sound when I drive isn’t a CV joint.
LS:  Bonus question: What’s the best snack to have while reading?
WV: Whiskey is good. Redbreast if you’re buying… Jamesons if I am.
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