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Introducing CHRISTMAS AND OTHER ODDITIES by William J. Vinson

January 31, 2012

If you’ve ever wondered about the origins of Christmas, and mostly wanted to read about depraved ancient festivals and human sacrifice, then look no further.

Coming soon from Last Light Studio is William Vinson’s Christmas and Other Oddities. The ancient tales and distant origins of Christmas and its traditions have long been of very little interest to the right thinking. This book seeks to arm and know-it-all, the boor, the acid-tempered and other social miscreants with information designed to harass the sensibilities of the more balanced celebrants of Christmas.

Read what The London Chronicle called “A work of utter madness,” and what Lloyd’s Illustrated Newspaper hailed as “An inelegant assortment of claptrap, poppycock, balderdash and rubbish with the aftertaste of an ill-stored cod.” The Hull Packet has even described it as “Repellent tripe of the first order… a tome so vile as to shame Gutenberg himself.”

WILLIAM J. VINSON is a character of dubious origins, unusual vocations and regrettable pursuits. His other writings have even less purpose than this treatise, unless kindling is required. He has been overly educated, having received a B.A. and M.B.A. for no Earthly reasons.

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